Company Profile

We are committed to providing professional in-home and community care that helps enrich lives of people with disabilities, individuals recovering from illness or injury, and mentally challenged, as well as adults with special needs.

Our goal is to ensure peace of mind for families and loved ones who are faced with the challenges of placing relatives in nursing homes and other treatment facilities. We offer a wide array of non-medical services tailored to the unique needs of the individuals we care for.

At Casmir, our caregivers are carefully selected, screened and trained to provide capable and compassionate care for our Individuals. Our staff works as an extension of the family, assuming the tasks and companionship family members are unable to provide due to career commitments and other obligations.

Our Mission

At Casmir Care Services Inc., our mission is to improve the quality of life for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities through care, comfort and compassion.

We achieve this mission by hiring qualified, skillful dependable and compassionate caregivers to assist our clients in maintaining their independence and dignity in the comfort of their homes.

Our Vision

A strong health care agency with the capability of sustaining and extending quality health care services to all intellectually and developmentally disabled individuals in Pennsylvania and surrounding states.


Casmir Care Services provides services through waivers under the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare’s Office of Developmental Programs; and the Department of Aging’s Office of Long Term Living.

Additional Information:

Our Job Coaching Brochure and Employment Flyer provides more detailed information on our employment program.

Supported Employment

At Casmir Care Services we strive to enable individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities attain their goal of gainful employment within their communities.[more…]

supported_empOur services will include Vocational Preparation, Training and Support Services.

Supported employment is funded by Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare’s Office of Development Program (ODP) and Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry’s Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR).

Vocational Preparation Services:This includes assessment, resume writing, interviewing preparation, and job search training, job placement assistance and travel training.

Training Services: Our job training program is an individualized approach that seeks to assist new employees in learning their new job tasks and functions, ensuring they meet employer expectations. This includes time management, the development of interpersonal coping strategies, proper hygiene and communication etiquette.

Support Services: Once the employee has successfully learned their position, has developed confidence to successfully perform their job and has successfully integrated in the employment community, Casmir staff will fade their training services but continue to provide ongoing support to the individual; they will also serve as a liaison between the individual and employer, work collaboratively with the individual’s team, ensuring professional growth and success in their place of employment. This will include monitoring employees to ensure job performance, productivity, and retraining as job functions evolve.

Services2Resources: Casmir Cares is also a member of the Philadelphia Employment Forum which is a gathering of representatives from the Philadelphia IDS employment provider agencies, the Supports Coordination Organizations (SCO), Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR), and parents to promote employment and share information, ideas, and expertise.  There continues to be a need to promote employment in order to avoid employment continuing to be a “back burner” issue.  The Employment Forum meets every other month at various locations throughout the Philadelphia area.

The purpose of the Employment Forum is to promote the philosophy of work and employment for all individuals with disabilities within the Philadelphia area by exchanging information and facilitating communication between the employment forum and the community, influencing and shaping policies, and educating employers to the advantages of hiring people with disabilities.


Additional Information:
Our Job Coaching Brochure and Employment Flyer provides more detailed information on our employment program.